10 Apr 2014

Papua call for UN to revisit former Dutch colony's plight

2:14 pm on 10 April 2014

West Papuan separatists say they want the United Nations to revisit their case, claiming they were denied their rights in the 1969 Act of Free Choice.

The UN-sponsored vote by a selection of chiefs is widely decried as a sham that allowed Indonesia to annex the former Dutch colony.

Last weekend, rebels who crossed into Papua New Guinea hoisted the United Nations flag alongside West Papua's banned Morning Star flag.

Stanley Iko from the Free West Papua Campaign says West Papua's people feel as if they are fighting this battle alone.

The United Nations is going to come in and help the West Papuans. You know, everywhere in the world if there are gunshots or a massacre or somebody has been murdered, around the world people get up from their seats and jump up and down and you know, start making a lot of noise. In West Papua, nothing. Nothing of that sort. The reason why they hoisted the UN flag is because they want them to come in now and have a look at their case of West Papua.

Stanley Iko from the Free West Papua Campaign.