7 Apr 2014

Fiji casino developer says government great to work with

6:47 am on 7 April 2014

The developer behind Fiji's first casino says the political situation in Fiji wasn't a roadblock in attracting overseas investors for the multi-million dollar project.

After a number of false starts the developer says construction is underway.

One Hundred Sands Limited was granted a casino licence by the regime in December 2011 and construction on Denarau Island near Nadi, was expected to start in 2012.

The developer Larry Claunch says a change in location and challenges in securing funding set the $155 million US dollar project back.

He says getting funding for a casino is challenging in any environment.

"The political situation never really put anybody off because once we were able to have the discussion about where Fiji was heading and how great the government is here that really was never part of the issue."

Larry Claunch.

The regime has set aside September the 17th for the first democratic elections in the country in eight years.