4 Apr 2014

Solomon storm death toll reaches five

2:46 pm on 4 April 2014

The death toll from flooding in Solomon Islands has reached five with a number of people missing following nearly three days of continuous rain.

The capital Honiara has been badly hit with an estimated 100 homes washed away when the Mataniko River flooded.

Four of the dead are from Honiara.

Two buildings housing businesses in Chinatown have also toppled into the river.

Our correspondent Dorothy Wickham says she cannot recall Honiara receiving such prolonged rain.

"I think they are estimating there will be more deaths. One was already reported, a victim drowning in Isabel, of flooding, and the hospital has transferred 39 of its patients up to the Forum Fisheries Agency up on the hill behind the Central Hospital, and it is really bad. I have never seen this kind of flooding in Honiara before."