3 Apr 2014

Samoa dog control will focus on education and de-sexing, not shooting,

4:58 am on 3 April 2014

The police in Samoa say efforts to control the dog population will strongly focus on public education and de-sexing, and stray dogs will not be shot or tranquilized.

Local media had earlier reported dogs would be 'gunned down' as part of preparations for the Small Islands Developing States conference later in the year.

But the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Afamasaga Michael Soonalole, says the police dog control programme wants to provide a long-term humane solution, and this does not involve tranquilizing or shooting dogs.

He says the registration of dogs will begin late this month, starting in urban Apia, and dog owners will be issued with a dog collar and tag for registered dogs.

Afamasaga says unregistered dogs will eventually be collected by Dog Control Unit Officers, and impounded.

He says after four days, if dogs are not collected by owners, they will be re-homed or humanely euthanized.