2 Apr 2014

Pacific Islands News Association says wait and see on Fiji authority

2:53 pm on 2 April 2014

The President of the Pacific Islands News Association says he is not concerned that the media authority in Fiji may be overstepping its role.

Last week the Director of AUT University's Pacific Media Centre, Professor David Robie, said it was mind-boggling that the Media Industry Development Authority was setting up a media monitoring unit, when it should be encouraging open debate.

He said he was sceptical that the unit would be independent.

But the PINA President, Moses Stevens, says the situation in Fiji is not normal, and they need to prove to themselves that what they are doing is for the good of Fiji.

He says in the Pacific, it's important to firstly ensure media are reporting responsibly before arguing about media freedom.

"I strongly believe that if a democratic election comes around all these issues will be reviewed by a democratic government. I think we just have to be patient and see how they sail through this process. We cannot judge them based on our own experience but let them do whatever they see right for themselves."

Moses Stevens of PINA.