1 Apr 2014

Leader of Fiji political party says voting paper a "nightmare"

9:35 am on 1 April 2014

The new leader of Fiji's National Federation Party, Biman Prasad, says the election voting paper in this year's polls could be a nightmare for voters and parties.

The Electoral Decree released last week stipulates a voting paper containing boxes numbered from 135 to represent the candidates standing for election.

Biman Prasad says the first part of the decree has provisions similar to those in the 1997 constitution but he says the voting system is of concern and the regulations also contain several unnecessary provisions.

"The time we have to educate our voters is very little and it is going to be a significant challenge and there are elements in the Electoral Decree, for example about how non governmental organisations can chip in and help educate the voters. They are basically restricted from doing it."

Biman Prasad says the Electoral Commission should take control of the electoral process and election announcements should not come from the office of the Attorney General.