31 Mar 2014

Samoa Education Minister says schools on right track

4:53 pm on 31 March 2014

After attending the International Teaching Summit held in New Zealand last weekend, Samoa's Minister of Education believes its school system is on the right track.

Magele Mauiliu Magele was one of seven Pacific delegates invited to observe the global summit attended by 25 countries.

Magele said they will be sharing some of the ideas discussed at last weekend's summit at the 10th Forum Education Minister's Meeting which begins in Rarotonga tomorrow.

"I think that this conference reaffirms that Samoa is actually on the right track to moving forward, to ensure that every single student achieves the outcomes for them. Every village has its own school, and so the challenge for us is to make sure that every village school is well resourced."

Magele Mauiliu Magele