27 Mar 2014

Rohfritsch abandons Tahiti mayoral bid

5:05 am on 27 March 2014

The leader of French Polynesia's anti-independence Atia Porinetia Party has withdrawn his bid to win a Tahiti mayoralty in Sunday's municipal election.

Teva Rohfritsch has pulled his list from the second round of voting after coming third and well behind the team of the incumbent Punaauia mayor, Ronald Tumahai.

Mr Rohfritsch has now given his backing to Mr Tumahai in what amounts to a reconciliation between the politicians.

After the party was formed last year, Mr Rohfritsch vied to challenge Mr Tumahai for the mayor's job but the electorate gave the incumbent 50 percent more votes in the first round.

Mr Tumahai will contest the run-off against Jean-Paul Tuaiva who is a member of the French National Assembly.