20 Mar 2014

SPC issues reports to members on sea cucumber management

6:09 pm on 20 March 2014

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community, or SPC, is issuing its members with specialised advice to help them protect the endangered sea cucumber.

The SPC says while the sea cucumber is in general decline in the Pacific, each country has a different situation which requires specific recommendations.

But a spokesperson for the SPC, Kalo Pakoa, says it is up to the countries to take the SPC's advice on board.

"It's up to countries to take it forward and so far we can fairly say that fisheries managers in Pacific Island countries are now beginning to understand the importance of sea cucumber fisheries so some countries are now taking steps to put in place measures which is a good sign of what's to come."

Kalo Pakoa says the sea cucumber is a valuable commodity that needs to be sustainably managed.