20 Mar 2014

Bougainville port manager welcomes clearing of bombs

6:09 pm on 20 March 2014

The business manager of the Buka Port in Bougainville says the removal of unexploded bombs from the Second World War has been a long-awaited dream.

Joe Turi says he is very grateful to the Australian government for sending two ships to Bougainville to do a hydrographic survey of the sea floor before Operation Render Safe later in the year.

The operation was held in Solomon Islands last year and will begin in parts of Papua New Guinea this year.

Mr Turi says the area could be used as fishing grounds but locals are afraid to use the area on the West Coast of Bougainville island from Torakina to Buka.

"I think in the past the locals used to use those as a fishing ground, for them to get fish and sell it to market. They used to see those items in the sea, the World War Two bombs and also the other items, and we feel it is a danger to our lives."

The business manager of Buka Port, Joe Turi.