17 Mar 2014

PNA further restricts fishing days

4:22 pm on 17 March 2014

The Parties to the Nauru Agreement concluded their annual general meeting in Honiara last week with an agreement to further limit catching days and freeze them until 2016.

The eight-member country organisation agreed on a collective 44,623 day limit for this year, taking 7827 days off the top of the total allowable effort under a treaty with the United States.

The group also called for trials on tracking fish aggregation devices, which cause a by-catch of juvenile tuna and other species, and which have drawn heavy criticism by conservation groups.

The PNA says it's looking at ways to strengthen its management of FADs using electronic resources.

The group says current FAD technology allows some sonar FADs to identify species and size of tuna, allowing for highly efficient fishing, but it also creates risks for sustainability, particularly of bigeye tuna, the overfished sashimi fish.