14 Mar 2014

Poverty in Solomons would be eased if more women in power

3:03 pm on 14 March 2014

The Solomon Islands National Council of Women says more women in power following the election will lead to better anti-poverty policies being put in place there.

A World Bank report has found almost 23 percent of households in Solomon Islands are living in hardship, unable to meet their basic needs of food, housing, clothing, fuel and medicine.

The general secretary, Lorio Sisiolo, says to turn the situation around, more government effort needs to go into rural development projects.

She says people flood to urban centres, where they can't find work and are forced to live in squatter settlements.

And she says politicians need to think more about women and children in their decision making.

Ms Sisiolo says with this year's national election, there's an opportunity to turn the situation around.

"We are encouraging women candidates who are contesting the upcoming elections. With the balance of decisions I think the country would be able to make a turn in terms of developing our own communities, increasing the living standard of our own people in the rural areas."

Lorio Sisiolo