11 Mar 2014

PNG cites difficulties for Australian inquiry into Manus violence

11:08 am on 11 March 2014

An advisor at the Papua New Guinea Prime Minister's office says an Australian Senate Inquiry into violent clashes on PNG's Manus Island may encounter difficulties with travelling to Manus.

The opposition-led inquiry, which is scheduled for April, is hoping to travel there to speak to guards, officials and detainees to work out what happened during two nights of violence that left one man dead and more than 60 others injured.

But Daniel Korimbau says there could be difficulties with this because the Australian Senate does not have jurisdiction in PNG.

He says Australia should instead pay for detainees to fly to Canberra to give their witness accounts to the committee.

"It is within the powers of the Senate Inquiry to fly the transferees to Australia to interview them if they want to know more about what happened on that night in Manus."

A media adviser at the PNG Prime Minister's office, Daniel Korimbau.