27 Feb 2014

Cruise liners looking to Micronesia, but they need to be port-prepared

6:50 am on 27 February 2014

The head of a regional tourism organisation says cruise liners are expressing an interest in more remote visits, but small islands need to be ready for them.

The South Pacific Tourism Organisation took a survey with cruise liners in 2011 and is now sending the feedback to local tour agencies in Micronesia.

The CEO, Ilisoni Vuidreketi, says the responses focused on ports getting organised and looking at safety issues.

He says in order to coordinate the efforts, the countries and territories need to set up a committee and make a National Cruise Plan, so that they can take advantage of the tourists who want to spend on the ground.

"We speak with the cruise liners and then we get the feedback from them and then we filter it down to the local communities. We also have, as part of this programme, to assist the local communities in organising themselves, for example setting up these little committees, for example, a cruise ship committee for certain ports."

The CEO of the South Pacific Tourism Organisation, Ilisoni Vuidreketi.