22 Feb 2014

Schools in American Samoa pushed to continue hydroponics projects

7:25 am on 22 February 2014

The Department of Agriculture in American Samoa has started hydroponics farming with private schools to get the students interested in farming and eating healthy food.

The Director of Agriculture, Lealao Mel Purcell, says the department is supplying seeds and boxes and will start the planting process before leaving the gardens to the principals and students.

He says the hydroponics project aims to help students with science and biology and to get them to eat nutritious vegetables.

The department has begun a hydroponics project at South Pacific Academy and is meeting this week with Manumalo for their project.

Lealao says government schools should also participate in the programme, but it must first be approved by the Director.

He says ten schools, including both private and public ones, have been selected for the pilot-project.