21 Feb 2014

Electrical wiring in all Niue homes under inspection

4:43 pm on 21 February 2014

The secretary to the Niue government, Richard Hipa, says the government is waiting for a report before it considers whether to hire an independent inspector to oversee electrical wiring standards on the island.

Two young girls were electrocuted last year, resulting in the death of one, which prompted calls for a greater oversight of the quality of electrical work in Niue.

The Niue Power Corporation said hiring a qualified inspector from New Zealand could be a good option to ensure sound practices.

The Corporation started an inspection programme of every house on the island in November and Mr Hipa says he's expecting an update soon.

Mr Hipa says the results of the report will help the government decide whether to bring over an inspector and says the government is aware of the importance of having a programme for periodic checks of electricals.