13 Feb 2014

Nauru's chief justice appalled by cronyism claims

7:49 pm on 13 February 2014

Nauru's chief justice, Geoffery Eames, says allegations of cronyism and political interference made by the Nauru government are offensive and disgusting.

Mr Eames, who lives in Australia, is unable to enter Nauru after the government last month cancelled his visa.

It also deported officials, including the resident magistrate.

The home affairs minister Charmaine Scotty says they acted because of cronyism among the expatriates at the top of the Nauru public service, and because Mr Eames over-ruled government attempts to institute states of emergency.

Mr Eames says he has ruled against government constitutional breaches but that is what judges do.

"And that is what independent judges do. They make the decisions and publish their reason. Governments often don't like what judges do but that is the rule of law. If Mrs Scotty would like to identify any cases where I have not followed those principles of the rule of law, I would be very interested to hear them."