11 Feb 2014

PNG district trains 100 men in tourism policing to protect visitors

2:55 pm on 11 February 2014

The MP for Papua New Guinea's Kundiawa Gembogl district says almost 100 men have completed training in tourism policing as part of efforts to make visitors to the area feel safe.

The highest mountain in the country, Mt Wilhelm, is the district's key tourist attraction.

Tobias Kulang says the majority of the 92 men will be posted along the track of Mt Wilhelm at five kilometre intervals to maintain law and order.

He says the police training is partly in response to last year's attack on trekkers on the Black Cat track in Morobe province, where three local porters were killed.

"So far, we have not had any problems, any major problems like hold-up, or rape, or robbery, or anything like what or anything like the scale that we experienced down at Black Cat but you never know so we need to be proactive."

Tobias Kulang says he wants to send a clear signal to the international community that Mt Wilhelm is a safe destination to visit.