6 Feb 2014

Cyclone Edna re-classified as an extra-tropical cyclone

8:53 am on 6 February 2014

Tropical cyclone Edna has now been re-classified as an extra-tropical cyclone.

The low pressure system is weakening as it moves away from New Caledonia in a south easterly direction.

The New Zealand metservice says the system has winds of 70 kilometres within 120 nautical miles within the southern semi-circle.

A depression associated with the cyclone earlier in the week caused heavy rain in New Caledonia, which according to police left two people dead and two missing.

They say in Bourail, a six year old boy died when four cars were carried away by a swollen river.

In Kone, a man drowned trying to cross a river.

Police also say in Mont-Dore, near Noumea, two young people were carried away while trying to cross a river.