3 Feb 2014

CNMI housing development for indigenous population

7:33 pm on 3 February 2014

The Department of Public Lands in the Northern Marianas says its groundbreaking ceremony on Tinian this week is the first of many which will benefit the indigenous Chamorros population.

The planning division director, Patricia Rasa, says 170 families have been given permits to develop the land at West San Jose Village Homestead and from Wednesday will be able to start building their homes on it.

Five other village homestead sites are being developed on Tinian.

Ms Rasa says it hopes to find homestead land for all Chamorros people on the island, who have custom land ownership.

"We have 515 recipients. Right now, we are only doing 170. As soon as this one is distributed, then we move onto the next phase for 168 and we just keep on going until we've satisfied all 515 applicants."

Patricia Rasa.