30 Jan 2014

Sport: FRU says it will respond to IRB when it's ready

2:05 pm on 30 January 2014

The Fiji Rugby Union says it will re-engage with the International Rugby Board on its own terms.

Earlier this month the IRB suspended direct funding of more than 1.5 million US dollars to the Union, citing its failure to implement key financial reporting, administration and governance reforms.

The FRU has yet to formally respond to the IRB and the Acting Chief Executive Officer, Dr Berlin Kafoa, says while they accept the IRB governing body's recommendations the timeframe given to implement them was not realistic.

"The disappointment about it is the notice was given to us by IRB in December. The banning of funds was done in January [and] with the kind of review recommendations that they gave us no Union could have complete that review recommendations in one month. We had estimated that we would have completed by the end of May but that was the IRB stance, we respect it, so we just look forward on working on what we can control. Next week we will be announcing sponsorships and our target remains the same - completing all processes by May 2014".