29 Jan 2014

More water and shelter needed in cyclone-hit Ha'apai in Tonga

2:46 pm on 29 January 2014

The Tongan Red Cross says there is an urgent need for more shelter and drinking water in the cyclone devastated island group of Ha'apai before a possible drought sets in.

The secretary general, Sione Taumoefolau, says about 98 percent of people have moved back to their communities from evacuation centres.

He says aid agencies and the Tongan government are working hard to ensure people, especially those on remote islands, are set up to cope with a drought.

He says that includes making sure there is enough shelter and water on reserve.

"The weather forecast is that there will be a drought in Ha'apai, we need renewed source of water to be sent to Ha'apai. Because the resource that we have there at the moment seems to be low and agencies now are moving fast to make sure they're filling up the tanks."

Sione Taumoefolau of the Tongan Red Cross.