28 Jan 2014

Niue government not worried about no confidence motion

2:49 pm on 28 January 2014

The Acting Premier of Niue says he's not worried about a motion of no confidence and says it's simply a case of the opposition wanting to smear the government.

Opposition MPs entered a motion of no confidence in the government last week because of concern over various policies such as the four-day working week for public servants.

The speaker adjourned a meeting for last Wednesday to discuss the motion but no one from the government turned up.

The Acting Premier Pokotoa Sipeli says there was no point debating the motion and says they have the numbers when the vote is held in two days.

"All the members who are supporting the government of today, they will support the government of today, no changing. But the main thing behind it is that they want to smear the government, that's the whole story about it, we know they don't have the numbers."

Pokotoa Sipeli.

The premier, Toke Talagi, who has called elections for April the 12th, is overseas.