27 Jan 2014

Vanuatu nurses could get training from South Korean doctors

6:29 pm on 27 January 2014

The Vanuatu National Nurses Association has taken issue with a plan by the Minister of Health to bring in doctors from South Korea to train local nurses.

Serge Vohor intends to recruit 200 young nurses this year, who would receive some training by doctors flown in from Korea.

The acting president of the Nurses Association, Anne Pakoa, says while nurses can benefit from the scientific expertise

of doctors, the two fields of work are very different.

"I cannot agree that doctors can teach nursing care, nursing is a totally different profession, nursing care is a totally different area, only nurses can teach nursing care."

Anne Pakoa says recruiting 200 nurses is ambitious and there isn't enough money under the current budget for the new intake or to pay for their salaries upon graduating.