16 Jan 2014

Fiji's CCF queries constitution's application

4:27 pm on 16 January 2014

The Chief Executive of Fiji's NGO, the Citizens Constitutional Forum, says the country's constitutional process is still flawed, despite the appointment of a new seven-member election commission.

The Reverend Akuila Yabaki says his Forum has worked with many of the election commission's new members and they now hold an important position in protecting the integrity of the upcoming elections.

But he says the Forum still does not have the confidence that the elections promised for September will be free and fair.

"I've already referred to the flawed constitution. The Prime Minister chairs the Constitutional Offices Commission and the composition of that commission has the leader of the opposition in it, but how can you have a leader of the opposition when there's no parliament? So, you can run rings around that."

However, the Reverend Yabaki says he is encouraged by the commissioners' appointments, calling it a good chance for the electoral process to gain some integrity.