8 Jan 2014

Lawyers for PNG PM obtain injunction on warrant

10:53 am on 8 January 2014

The lawyer's for the Papua New Guinea Prime Minister have successfully obtained an injunction on the warrants of arrest issued for him and two senior government ministers.

Peter O'Neill told a media conference on Tuesday, the arrest warrants are an attempt to stage a coup and to try to overthrow the government.

Mr O'Neill says his lawyers have successfully sought a stay order on the bench warrants before senior magistrate Lawrence Kangwia, pending full arguments in court later this week.

The Prime Minister also announced a formal complaint has been lodged with the police, and a task force will be set up to investigate the process in which the warrants of arrest and a court order were obtained.

Mr O'Neill says he believes the opposition leader Belden Namah has collaborated with what he calls rogue policemen to obtain the warrant and court order outside of the normal lawful process.

He also revealed it has now come to light the warrant issued by the district court in Waigani was done by a magistrate who was on leave.