6 Jan 2014

Academic says Fiji needs to set up an Electoral Commission as soon as possible

7:06 pm on 6 January 2014

An Auckland University political scientist says the Fiji Government needs to set up an Electoral Commission as soon as possible, in preparation for the country's approaching elections.

A general election is promised for September but the members for the commission and an election supervisor are yet to be appointed.

Stephen Ratuva says an Electoral Commission is needed soon.

"Some names have been bandied around but nothing has been confirmed yet so they are still looking for people to be on the commission - that's a very very important aspect of the electoral process - to have a commission in place and also the electoral regulations to be in place before the election. Because the electoral commission will basically look after the election process."

Stephen Ratuva also says people are waiting for the regime's leader, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, to set up his own political party.