6 Jan 2014

Tonga vigilant to prevent dengue

5:55 am on 6 January 2014

The Ministry of Health in Tonga is urging the public to be more cautious about dengue fever, as outbreaks usually happen during this time of year.

Vaiola Hospital's Chief Medical Officer for Public Health, Dr. Malakai 'Ake, made the warning, saying that dengue fever and related illnesses are currently having an outbreak in neighboring Pacific countries.

Dr. 'Ake says Vaiola has not recorded any dengue fever cases, however, it's vital for the public to be cautious as it is currently breeding season for mosquitoes.

He says mosquitoes usually breed in hot and wet weather, and it's during this time until June or July that dengue fever cases are usually recorded.

Dr. 'Ake says, the last dengue case was recorded at Vaiola two years ago.