23 Dec 2013

Claims Cooks domestic solar provider payments flawed

3:11 pm on 23 December 2013

A solar energy provider in the Cook Islands says Government plans to pay consumers for generating their own power are flawed.

The main power supplier on Rarotonga, Te Aponga Uira, recently announced people with their own solar power system can opt for a gross-metering arrangement and sell the energy for 45 cents per unit plus Value Added Tax.

But Bob Riley says the system needs improvement.

Instead of the power being credited and being used by the household, it's taken from the roof and put through the Te Aponga metre and then only given back to you as a 45 cent credit per kilowatt, meanwhile they will carry on charging you 85 cents for the power that you have consumed.

Bob Riley says in New Zealand and Australia, people can use their own power to run their household and sell the surplus.

Te Aponga Uira says it needs to cover costs and the tariff still offers clients a good return on their investment in solar energy.