16 Dec 2013

Call for more support for PNG community anti-violence initiatives

4:41 pm on 16 December 2013

The founder of a non-governmental organisation in the autonomous Papua New Guinea region of Bougainville says the government should back community programmes supporting survivors of sorcery-related violence.

A recent conference in PNG's Eastern Highlands looked at how to stop murders and attacks related to sorcery accusations.

The government's decision to reintroduce the death penalty as a way of deterring would-be perpetrators generated much discussion.

"But Bougainville Women for Peace and Freedom's Josephine Sirivi suh-REE-vee Kauona says the government should consider instead providing community initiatives with more funding and support."

Those positive approaches should be identified and supported and given proper - one thing I realised was that I didn't have proper facility to accommodate for these people. So, better safe houses and maybe counselling service for those of us who are providing this service.

Josephine Sirivi Kauona the mediation process to resolve sorcery-related disputes can take years but it is very effective.