12 Dec 2013

American Samoa Govt keen to develop Aunu'u island

11:33 am on 12 December 2013

The Department of Commerce in American Samoa is leading a government effort to assess economic and land development in Aunu'u Island.

Historically the two main sources of economic activity for the Aunu'u people during the last 50 years have been taro and making faausi.

The Aunu'u village council has identified agriculture as one of its economic development challenges.

The council says there is declining motivation for young men and women to work the taro plantation and deal with the fau tree invasion.

Islanders also belief that a disease is affecting the taro plantation and possible leaching of lead from scrap metal in the landfill that is hurting tilapia.

The Department of Commerce has already moved on the agriculture segment by developing zone maps.