14 Oct 2013

Promoters of Vagahau Niue hope to stop the language dying

7:33 pm on 14 October 2013

The head of New Zealand's Vagahau Niue Trust is hoping this week's Niuean Language Week can help prevent the language from dying.

Events are being run throughout New Zealand this week to promote the use of the language.

According to the last census, 74 percent of the Niue people in the world today were born in New Zealand but only 11 percent of them can speak Vagahau Niue.

The Chairperson of the Vagahau Niue Trust, Mele Nemaia, says the language is dying in New Zealand but uniting Niueans can encourage them to keep it alive.

"One of the main things we really wanted to see is to bring us together. Because if we do that we are able to use our language doing different activities like the singing, the dancing, holding conversations and just exposing our young people to the language."

Mele Nemaia from the Vagahau Niue Trust in New Zealand.