11 Oct 2013

Twenty youths and one adult charged for violence in American Samoa

8:20 am on 11 October 2013

Twenty juveniles and one adult have now been charged in connection with the stoning incident that injured three students and damaged a school bus in American Samoa.

The juveniles, all male, are between the ages of 14 and 18 and come from the villages of Fagaitua, Utusi'a and Aua.

The adult male is 22 years old.

They have been charged with assault, property damage, public peace disturbance and unlawful assembly.

They are accused of throwing rocks at a school bus carrying the Tafuna High School volleyball team after a game with the Fagaitua High school team in Fagaitua Gym three weeks ago.

The 21 defendants have all received summons and will be appearing later this month in the District Court.

None of those charged have been detained.

The Assistant Attorney-General Terrie Bullinger says the case has required extensive investigation by the Criminal Investigations Division due to the number of people involved.