30 Sep 2013

UN calls on Fiji to hold transparent elections

7:28 am on 30 September 2013

The UN chief Ban Ki-moon has called on Fiji's leader, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, to make sure elections promised next year are transparent and democratic.

Mr Ban and Commodore Bainimarama held talks after the Fiji leader gave a speech to the UN General Assembly, in which he criticised international sanctions that Fiji faced over his 2006 military coup.

The Fiji leader says some countries chose to support a form of democracy, governance and justice in Fiji that they would never have accepted for themselves.

Mr Ban has encouraged Fiji to restore a legitimate government and constitutional order as soon as possible.

The Fiji regime put in place a new constitution this month, which has been widely rejected by the political parties expected to contest next year's polls.

The regime has granted its members immunity for all coup-related actions and keeps refusing calls to allow for an interim administration run the country in the lead-up to the elections which the regime leader has said he expects to win.