25 Sep 2013

Fiji Airways CEO says carrier to create more jobs for Fijians

6:57 pm on 25 September 2013

The CEO of Fiji Airways says the carrier needs to employ more Fijians.

Stefan Pichler says as many as 50 Fijian pilots and crew are working for companies like Emirates and they need to be attracted home.

He says there are a number of areas of focus for the company, including building its brand.

Mr Pichler says the company hasn't done much more than just putting the brand on the planes.

He also says creating employment opportunities is a priority

"Fiji Airways, owned by the Fijian people, has to provide job opportunities and career opportunities for Fijians. It's very logical. We need to create more career systems, or better career paths in some areas of the business like pilots and cabin crew, for Fijians, and we have to coach them, we have to develop them and we have to provide job opportunities."

The CEO of Fiji Airways, Stefan Pichler