25 Sep 2013

Villages in Fiji facing water shortages as vessels supply islands

5:55 pm on 25 September 2013

Water shortages in Fiji are affecting up to 10,000 people in the Western Division and the Yasawa group of islands.

The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation reports the Commander of the Western Division Joeli Cawaki is organising vessels to cart water to remote islands.

Emosi Ravato, from Vuaki village on Matacawalevu island, says there has been no rain for two months until last night's two-hour downpour.

He says the villagers have survived on rationing the drinking water and supplying brackish water for cleaning for only two days each week, by digging a well and pumping the water to a tank for redistribution.

"Especially in my village we haven't got enough water so we need rain so we can get water. If there's no rain, that means no water. Some villages around my area they've got the rain from the mountains. They stop the water and make a dam and they can run from that dam to the village but in my village we haven't got water like that."

Emosi Ravato.