24 Sep 2013

Fiji watchdog queries FICAC scrutiny of leaders

10:20 am on 24 September 2013

Transparency International Fiji says the Independent Commission Against Corruption, FICAC, has helped achieve real gains in placing the issue of corruption in the national discourse.

But the NGO's chairperson, Api Tudreu, says the current government has not been under the same scrutiny as the previous government in terms of alleged corruption.

Mr Tudreu says that high-profile leaders from the former administration attracted the attention of FICAC.

"Now what we have not seen though is that kind of reporting happening also to current leaders because we haven't heard any kind of high-profile treatment about recent reports on behaviour that there are stories about which appear on media."

Meanwhile, Api Tudreu has defended Transparency's approach of not publicly asking questions of accountability of government and public officials.

He says TI prefers to focus on prevention efforts and systemic reform.