4 Sep 2013

Sport: Tuvalu make history at Mini Games

8:49 am on 4 September 2013

Tuvalu weightlifter Lapua Lapua made history last night at the Pacific Mini Games, winning his country's first ever gold medal in major sporting competition.

The 22 year-old claimed gold in the men's 62 kilogram snatch at the Kafika Hall in Wallis, while also picking up bronze in the clean and jerk.

The 2012 Olympian was unlucky not to win the overall title, finishing with the same combined lift of 268 kilograms as Manuel Minginfel from the Federated States of Micronesia but ending up with the silver medal because of his heavier body-weight.

Lapua says it's a special moment for him and his country.

"I don't know how to explain but to me I'm very, like, happy because this is my first ever gold for Tuvalu and this is like history for Tuvalu too. Before the competition I was thinking to beat everyone to win the gold medal in the total and I have mistakes in my second attempt [at the] clean and jerk, I missed it as well so really not happy with my second attempt but it was alright, I did my best."

Tuvalu weightlifter Lapua Lapua.