5 Sep 2013

Calls for more pay for all Fiji public servants after bosses get huge rises

7:38 pm on 5 September 2013

Fiji's unionists are calling for wage increases for all public servants after revelations permanent secretaries of government departments and the heads of the military, prisons and police have been given pay increases of up to 192 percent.

This follows a review by Price WaterhouseCoopers.

The salaries of those heading the disciplined services and the top five permanent secretaries' positions, as of this week, are 116,000 US dollars.

The national secretary of the FTUC, Felix Anthony, says such monumental rises, with the department heads earning more than ten times what some of the staff do, can never be justified.

"So this has created a huge disparity in the wage relativities, from the bottom up. And while we believe that these increases are unjust and totally uncalled - something that Fiji simply cannot afford at this time, we believe that the government ought to look at a wage adjustment for all civil servants."