3 Jul 2013

Vanuatu's Foreign Minister continues with diplomatic passport review

4:22 am on 3 July 2013

Vanuatu's Foreign Minister Edward Natapei says his ministry is still trying to ascertain all the people who are travelling internationally using Vanuatu diplomatic passports.

Mr Natapei is undertaking a process of reviewing diplomatic passport appointments made outside of proper procedure.

He earlier indicated that as many as 70 of the 99 overseas representatives could lose their jobs.

Mr Natapei says that so far 12 appointments have been revoked amid the ongoing process of checking each appointment individually.

"Some of whom are not actually on our records so we have to do some work to try and find out there with our diplomatic passports.Some of the diplomatic passports were signed and issued by former ministers and therefore the department does not have records of all the diplomatic passports.We're still in the process of trying to find out who is out there."

Vanuatu's Foreign Minister Edward Natapei.