10 Jul 2013

Resettled Solomons families to have own land

7:52 am on 10 July 2013

The government of Solomon Islands' Malaita province says families who have to move from outlying islands affected by climate change will be given their own land.

The deputy premier, Alick Mae'aba says the homes of people on the flat islands of Pelau, Luaniua and Sikaiana are being flooded by high tides and seas, which are also contaminating their water supplies and taro crops.

He says the provincial government is looking to move those affected to two sites, one near the provincial capital Auki and the other near Afio, in south Malaita.

Mr Mae'aba says they will be given land near the sea because that is where they have always lived.

"We're going to subdivide any parcel of land that will be allocated to them so that each respective family will come and live in their own piece of land rather than just ramping them into one big land mass."

Alick Mae'aba says the provincial government will pay for the relocation but he does not know yet how much it will cost.