11 Jul 2013

Saken continues to claim Vanuatu diplomatic passport

7:25 pm on 11 July 2013

The Vanuatu honorary consul to Vietnam denies a claim by Vanuatu's foreign minister, Edward Natapei, that the government has revoked his diplomatic status.

Pascal Ahn Quan Saken says he was surprised to learn about Mr Natapei's claim as well as a comment that the government was struggling to track him down.

Mr Ahn Quan says he is working hard to create business opportunities for Vanuatu but has not received any clear indication from the Foreign Ministry about his status.

"I never received any warning, any letter that I had a bad conduct or that I did any wrongdoing. Actually, it's the opposite because I met Honourable Minister Edward Natapei about three or four weeks ago at the embassy of Vanuatu in Belgium and he understood very well what was my job and what was my mission for Vanuatu."

Pascal Ahn Quan Saken says he plans to resign as diplomat at the end of August.