15 Jul 2013

Kiribati facing challenges in educating on climate change and disasters

6:30 am on 15 July 2013

The Kiribati education ministry says there are many problems obstructing climate change and disaster education.

A curriculum development officer Teeta Kabiriera says there are no experts to work with curriculum writers so that resources can be developed on climate change information.

He also says teachers are lacking and aren't equipped to teach these topics.

Mr Kabiriera says there is a development plan but the curriculum at the teachers college should be improved.

He told the joint climate change and disaster risk meeting in Fiji that the teachers college focuses only on numeracy and literacy.

"We don't have enough resources to help the students of Kiribati to learn about climate change and DRM. Teachers and lecturers we find difficulties to teach. So I think it is really a matter of urgency that we need to build capacity of tutoring to our teachers and lecturers."

Teeta Kabiriera says poor conditions in classrooms are another barrier to proper education.