15 Jul 2013

Solomons teachers to strike until paid

3:45 pm on 15 July 2013

Teachers in Solomon Islands are on strike over the same issue for the third time this year.

The president of the Solomon Islands National Teachers Association or SINTA says the government has forgotten, perhaps deliberately, to complete its payment of teachers' relevelling dues.

Samson Faisi says the industrial action involves all teachers, from those in early childhood education through to secondary school.

He says teachers will not accept any more assurances from the government and classes will only resume once it has paid all the money it owes them.

"We ask the government first to complete those who are supposed to be relevelled from level two right up to level six and then also must complete level seven up to level 12. Then we can call off this strike."

Samson Faisi says moves to suspend the teachers association are politicised and unlawful.