25 Jul 2013

Vanuatu opposition fails with motion challenge

7:34 pm on 25 July 2013

Vanuatu's Supreme Court has thrown out an opposition constitutional application concerning their failure to have a motion of no confidence debated.

The speaker of parliament, Philip Boedoro, had refused the opposition request for an extra-ordinary session earlier this month, saying some signatures on the motion were invalid.

The chief justice Vincent Lunabek ruled Mr Boedoro was right to reject the opposition push after the signatures of four MPs were withdrawn from the motion.

The four MPs had told the court last week that their signatures were on the document but they had been supplied for other purposes and were not intended as part of a motion for a vote of no confidence against the prime minister, Moana Carcasses.

Justice Lunabek has also ruled that the newly elected Tanna MP, Pascal Iauko, could not sign the request because he hadn't been sworn in.

But he says the suspended Luganville MP, Georges Wells, was entitled to sign.