2 Aug 2013

Former Solomons deputy PM says Sae remains threat

8:11 am on 2 August 2013

A former deputy prime minister of Solomon Islands says the fact that the man suspected of killing a former police commissioner remains at large is still a problem in terms of the country's stability because he has guns with him.

Solomon Islands recently marked 10 years since the deployment of a regional peacekeeping force, which has been downsized drastically on the basis that civil conflict is a thing of the past.

Police are still seeking Edmond Sae, who escaped from their custody in 2003 , in connection with the murder of the former Police Commissioner and Peace Councillor, Sir Frederick Soaki in February of that year.

Kamilo Teke negotiated the surrender of the former militant, Harold Keke, and says the same peaceful approach should be made to Mr Sae.

"If somebody do the same thing as I did to Harold Keke to Edmond Sae, I think they would capture Edmond Sae. Nobody really talking to him, you know, ordinary people has to talk. They have to approach him in a Melanesian culture approach."

Kamilo Teke says Edmond Sae will never surrender under the barrel of a gun.