7 Aug 2013

Ousted Tuvalu PM feels blameless over last week's crisis

1:27 pm on 7 August 2013

Tuvalu's former prime minster, Willy Telavi, says his government was not to blame for last week's political crisis and he maintains the governor-general had no right to remove him from office.

The legality of the move by the governor general, Sir Italeli Iakoba, is now being considered by the chief justice.

Mr Telavi says that, as he understands it, the governor-general does not have the necessary reserve powers to justify this move.

The governor-general had acted amid opposition claims Mr Telavi was frustrating the recall of parliament for a vote of no confidence.

But Mr Telavi says his actions were within the law.

"We have to be careful about holding parliament, because only if we have issues to be taken up. But since then there is no problem, the nation is OK."

Willy Telavi claims the media misrepresented last week's events and could have compromised the country's reputation.

A successful vote of no confidence on Friday led to Enele Sopoaga becoming Tuvalu's new leader at the weekend.