19 Aug 2013

Malaita police lack vehicles says former premier

6:26 am on 19 August 2013

A former premier of Solomon Islands' Malaita province says local police are often unable to deal with problems in his community.

Much has been made of the increased capability of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, as the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands is downsized to a policing-only operation for the next four years.

Reuben Moli, who lives in Fiu, says alcohol, marijuana and kwaso are the cause of a lot of crime in his village, with the climate highly suitable for growing both of the latter crops.

He says the village chief and tribunal do their best to deal with most issues but there is a problem when they cannot.

"Sometimes they rely on the police but when they call the police they would say they have no vehicle. Especially in serious cases."

Reuben Moli says the government is not giving the police ministry enough money.