21 Aug 2013

Women's group in PNG still fighting for better representation

4:22 am on 21 August 2013

A women's group in Papua New Guinea says having three women in Parliament is a victory, but there is an ongoing struggle to have allocated seats.

Susan Setae, the Executive Officer of Papua Hahine Social Action Forum, says the awareness work the group does should be credited for the breakthrough.

Three women were elected last year, which was a record for the 111-member chamber.

But the group is still lobbying the Government to introduce 22 women's electorate seats.

Susan Setae says at the local level there have been more women elected and people are starting to realise the importance of greater representation.

"I think our awareness was not in vain. What we were doing is now bearing fruit at the local level so we are happy about that. That gave us a spirit of feeling that yes, now our people are beginning to realise the need for our women to be in the leadership positions."

Susan Setae from Papua Hahine.