26 Aug 2013

Kiribati phosphate compo pays questioned

1:42 pm on 26 August 2013

A former Kiribati MP and South Tarawa lawyer, Banuera Benina, has challenged the government's decision to pay out compensation to former employees of the British Phosphate Company in Banaba.

Mr Banuera says the claims are more than six years old and the government has no obligation under the law to pay out the compensation.

He says the government has made a mistake when it paid out claims in the first place.

Mr Banuera says this kind of payment can stir up trouble because some people could produce false documents about family members working with the British Phosphate Company.

According to the Kiribati Independent, he says most people find it hard to get all the necessary documents needed by the Ministry of Labour and because of that, the government should agree and pay what these people claim.